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lat Rate Shipping

We offer flat shipping rate for worldwide customers. Our shipping cost is 27% ~ 55% off from Post Service.

For example, shipping cost for a set of German Look Exhaust is 134USD by EMS, and we only charge you 98USD. Shipping cost for a Dehne digital fuel gauge is 11USD by registered airmail, and we only charge 5USD.

For security reason, any order pay by Credit Card will ship after 36 hours. Payment by Paypal will ship after 24 hours.


Liability Clause

ACE Header will not accept liability in the event of mis-use or mis-handling 
of our product lines.

Only qualified and certified technical specialists should be involved in the 
installation and/or assembly (where necessary) of our products.

ACE Header hereby guarantees to original owner of all stainless steel products to be free from 
manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years from the invoice date. 
This excludes insulations protective pads, and pine rods.

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